I can develop quality software in a timely manner in various languages and for various platforms.

Node.js/Express.js + MongoDB Servers

My name is Christopher Aaron Burnette.

People just call me Aaron.

I was born in Texas on August 20th, 1994.

Android Apps

I'm a senior software developer. I develop in multiple languages and for multiple platforms.

My learning curve is very gentle. I learn very quickly.

As a result of that and my passion I've have a lot of diversity in my development.

Web Apps

I started programming early on in highschool when I got access to a TI-84+ SE graphing calculator.

I learned TI-BASIC, but as time went on I needed more, so I started learning new languages and implementation on new platforms.

Programming was (and still is) so mentally rewarding I've turned it into not only a hobby, but a career path.