Movie Flaws

For Android

Status: Work in progress. (90%)

An Android application that allows you to rate a movie comedically while you watch it because sometimes just saying "good" or "bad" just doesn't do your opinion justice.

Lots of people like to watch movies to point out the flaws in them, or start watching seriously, but the movie ends up being terrible so it devolves into that.

Movie Flaws is a tool that gives you the ability to conventiently keep track of the amount of flaws you found in that movie so you can share with and warn your friends about the quality of a movie.

  • Movie Art
  • Intuitive Usage
  • Large Movie Database
  • Dark Cinematic Theme
  • Clean Unobtrusive UI
  • Customizable

Status: Work in progress. (60%)

I want a website that I can have fun developing and managing.

Lots of features. Stability is a priority.

  • Simple Layout
  • Visually Pleasant
  • Good Performance
  • Scaleability
  • User Authentication
  • Member-Only Features

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