I developed this website from scratch so I could have a server to learn and play with my experimental software.

Being able to share my software and services is just a bonus. Either way, "Knowledge is power." ~ Thomas Hobbes

I've always wanted a personal playground and now I have one. I love it.

As a result this site can be expected to be upgraded and improved constantly.

Nothing is better than something customized for you.

This is a place where I can leave an imprint of what I do with my spare time on the world.

Have fun exploring. There are lots of little easter eggs everywhere.


For me writing code is a way to relieve stress. When I acheive flow a feeling of euphoria overcomes me. It washes away all my troubles.

I've always been a problem solver and lover of complex systems. Creating and integrating with them is something I have a passion for.

For me code is a form of artistic expression. It is one of the few things that allows me to exercise both my logical and creative abilities.

In order to fulfill my desires to control and manipulate a complex system meanwhile making the world more interesting and hopefully better off I've had to learn a lot.

As a result learning is something I take very seriously. I always make time for it. I can never learn enough. I don't believe anyone ever can.

So why so I do it?
Because my strong desire to learn so I can achieve happiness has resulted in my proficiencies in various areas.

Want more? Download my resume here.

  • Slack Integrations
  • Android Applications
  • Web Service Back Ends
  • Arduino Projects
  • Linux Programs
  • and much more...

Be Yourself, But Better