I'm going to give you this information using the 5 W's.


My name is Christopher Aaron Burnette.

People just call me Aaron.

I was born in Texas on August 20th, 1994.


I'm a senior software developer. I develop in multiple languages and for multiple platforms.

My learning curve is very gentle. I learn very quickly.

As a result of that and my passion I've have a lot of diversity in my development.


I started programming early on in highschool when I got access to a TI-84+ SE graphing calculator.

I learned TI-BASIC, but as time went on I needed more, so I started learning new languages and implementation on new platforms.

Programming was (and still is) so mentally rewarding I've turned it into not only a hobby, but a career path.


I code anywhere I need some satisfaction. At home of course with my development laptop, on my phone whenever I can't access my laptop, or anywhere I need some satisfaction.

I prefer to work remotely so I can stay close to my family. Also with flexible hours I have the ability to choose to work when I know I will be most productive, which benefits the company a lot.


Some people get a massage. Some go to the beach. Some people bite their nails or grind their teeth. There are many ways to relieve stress. I write code and find solutions to problems that may have not even existed until I started typing.

I've created a lot of software this way. I have hundreds of projects archived in many different languages and for many different platforms.

I've become aware that hardly any of this goes anywhere, even though it has the potential to. I'm a creative problem solver, but sometimes I may need direction in order to complete a task and the flexibility to solve the problem in an efficient way. That's why I love the startup environment. The sharing of ideas is very important as the foundations of a company are laid down. I make a lot of things to relieve stress. I have a lot of projects. Despite that, I'm at my best in a flexible and open environment where I can receive direction and share my ideas on how to solve problems openly.